Sunday, April 6, 2008

Smoking Salvia Zone (Yellow)

This happened on Friday April 04th 2008,

I smoked 2/10 of a Gram of Salvia Zone's Yellow Level Salvia.
(Yellow= (28mg/g Salvinorin A)

This time around, I was prepared for smoking salvia. there were 4 other people with me and we were out in my garage. I got a pipe with a screen on it this time around for smoking the fortified extract. so I filled myself up a bowl, and then took 1 major hit. I must've held it in for at least 45 seconds, (Past the recommended 30 seconds) and then it hit me.

In my mind, I didn't even know that I had just smoked salvia. The people around me, kind of scattered 3 feet apart, turned into 1 skeleton. I remember everyone around my laughing, I tried to talk back. Then one of them moved and turned them into 2 skeletons. I felt like I was jesus being discovered by a group of searchers.

It started to wear off rather quickly. I felt like I haden't had my fill yet. My friend Caitlyn took a major hit of the green stuff right after my trip and she had a phase of uncontrollable laughter. right after her 4 minute trip, I had her load me more than 1 dose of Salvia Zone's Yellow. I smoked it really fast to get in as much vapor as I could. I literally packed my lungs, air tight of the smoke and after 20 seconds, I didn't mean to breath out the smoke, my body did it on its own.

At first I thought I was fishing out on a dock with a thick wooden fishing pool. Then I started getting very relaxed. my friends were all laughing. I then merged into a package of meat at a store called "Ware Mart", Which closed down more than 7 years ago. I was attached to strings that delivered people their food by a sort of conveyor style, that's the best I can explain. this must have went on for 4 minutes before I became very sweaty and took off my shirt. I kept on trying to get up, though my muscles wouldn't allow me, and it almost seemed as my friends were my enemies and they were not allowing me to leave the garage. So I tried the best I could to tell them that I need to go to the bathroom to wipe off all of the dripping sweat. The after high of it was very intense. I did not know what to do with myself to help this high go away. So I went back outside to see a couple of my friends puffing on a vanilla flavored cigar. I could barely sense how I was able to even stand. I think I may have tooken a hit of one of the cigars which was not a good idea. So I finally said, "fuck it", with my friends and I went and rested on my bed. The sensation of this was a very tingly feeling in my whole body, especially my face. I was so relaxed once it started waring off more and more. I knew I could easily fall asleep at any time.

I didn't want to leave all my friends hanging, so I walked back out heading to the garage, and they came in and we chilled in my living room for a while. I was still very high from the salvia, it must've been around 12 minutes after the full effect duration. I tried to act like I was not high from it as much as possible. after minutes flew by, I finally had my full recovery.

Though I don't know what the high would of been like an hour later, because one of my friends came over with a joint and we smoked it out in my garage.

From my friends point of view: I found what they said happened to me to be quite hysterical. They said I was yelling at time and drooling and kept on leaning forward and back. I guess I looked completely stupid while on it, and was very funny to watch me trip.

My Suggestions: I highly recommend not smoking salvia right you just had a trip on this level, especially with a higher dose the next time. Don't ever underestimate how big a small dose can be. If I could go in the past, I wouldn't have added such more on my second try that night/wouldn't have inhaled as much. I also recommend that you smoke it really fast with the lighter always on the salvia, as you will be getting way higher since salvia vaporizes at a higher temperature.

Would you do salvia again?: Yes. That was an out of this world experience. though nothing spiritual, this was definitely worth the trip. I am skipping out on buying the next level (Salvia Zone Red) and going right to the Purple level (level 4) (80mg/g). I think I am experienced in salvia smoking so I desire a normal dose, with a very potent effect.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Smoking Salvia Zone (Green) + Cannabis

This happened on Friday March 29th 2008,

I got 1/10 of a Gram of Salvia Zone's Green Level Salvia.
(Green= (16mg/g Salvinorin A)

I was going to smoke it out of a pipe, and it did not have a screen that was necessary for smoking the salvia [so it doesn't go through the pipe and burn my throat], So I decided to put it over a bowl of weed. I have not smoked salvia before so I wasn't sure what was to be expected. The bowl of weed was so I could put the salvia on top so it would cradle the fortified leave particles from going down into my throat.

I had second thoughts before smoking the salvia, and lit it up with a butane lighter. I took one huge hit of it, and felt the urge to cough because of the weed I had to put under it, So I did kind of an inside cough [without blowing out the air] and then released the smoke from my lungs after 30 seconds. I lit up and took another big hit of salvia and held that in for approximately 20 seconds. I soon felt a minor force for my body to lay down. I walked over to a different bedroom and looked up at my ceiling. I didn't feel much different, I could still think clearly, but I had visuals of the ceiling swirling and winding about. it lasted about 3 or 4 minutes until I finally just felt more relaxed than anything.

After about 10 minutes, the cannabis kicked in, and I felt even more relaxed. I wish that I would have tried the weakest level without the cannabis, but I did not have the screen for that at the time.

I still have the urge to smoke more salvia, and this is about 5 days later . although salvia is a non-addictive psychedelic drug, I think because of mixing the cannabis with it, I felt like I wanted more of the Salvia. So a day later, I went out and bought Salvia Zone's Yellow Level Fortified Leaf Extract.